The Team

Jason Hawkins

Is a high school arts and sciences teacher in Surrey. His passion for teaching and making people laugh is only overshadowed by his love of tedious paperwork.

Chris Nash

Is an actor, writer, improvver and all around lover of the arts. Let it be known that he once high-fived Mark Messier in the subway.

Jacqui Janzen

Is a creative professional working in web and graphic design in Vancouver. From our website to our fun posters, she’s the girl who’ll bring our visual dreams to life.

Nelson Bergen

Is also known affectionately as Resident Videographer Nelson Bergen, and he is indeed a professional videographer. He’ll be the one filming and producing our sweet video content.

Tia Glenn-Cooke

Tia Glenn-Cooke is a comedian, podcaster, and artist-type living the dream in Vancouver! The only thing she likes as much as the sweet sound of your laughter is the sweet taste of cake. She will be your director!

Abdullah Wasfi

Kailyn Arthur

Kailyn Arthur is an actress and writer from Vancouver. When Kailyn isn’t writing or acting she spends her time singing loudly, dancing badly and being an all around nuisance.

Nicole Shimmin

Nicole is a theatre-lover, golden retriever enthusiast and all around swell person. She enjoys acting, improv and all kinds of iced tea.

Ian Kuiken

Ian is a sweet guy, he likes comedy, music and working with people as passionate about acting as he is.

Helen Pahou

Helen Sofia Pahou is an actress, writer, electric bassist and a true philosophy fanatic. If it’s one thing she loves more that indulging books and theories, it’s indulging in chocolate cookies.