2017 Cast

Isabella Tecson

Isabella is a student and actress from Surrey, BC. An improv neophyte and collector of weird pens, her towering presence permanently typecasts her as the short goofy one.

Juniemar Paa

Juniemar is a skilled violin player, an avid skydiver, a spectacular breakdancer, and incredibly good in social situations. Juniemar is also a chronic liar.

Priya Sander

Priya is an artist with a creative mind who has a passion for acting and cinnamon buns. In her free time Priya enjoys painting on her walls and playing her ukulele.

Matt Gray

I’m Matt I have a coat, love Frozen, play Magic: The Gathering, and enjoy mathematics. Anyway I love socializing and expressing myself so I love this camp and everyone in it! 🙂

Muskaan Hothi

Muskaan is a taco enthusiast, and a dog mom to two wonderful dogs. Muskaan has a reputation for being a great senti actress and when she isn’t eating tacos, she enjoys watching tv shows on Netflix.

Martin Nembhard

Martin is a person that has been taking acting classes since grade 7. He is also a person who likes ice cream cake but only when it’s half melted. He is also someone who thinks of eagles at the top of his head.

Viviane Wu

Viviane is a musical theatre-loving actress from Vancouver. When she isn’t acting or doing her homework, she watches totally not illegal bootlegs of different musicals online.

Megan Greschner

Megan is a phenomenal softball player and a movie fanatic. She has a dream of adopting as many cats as possible as well as becoming a hollywood movie actress.